How to Register a New MMM Participant PO(Personal Office)


There are so many fake website claiming to offer what MMM Nigeria offers. Be very careful when registering new members and while login into your PO. The official MMM Nigeria website is . follow this simple steps to setup a new participant PO.

1.Open your Chrome web browser and type as shown below and Click the registration tabmmm1

Fill the form below respectively:mmm2

  1. Name of the new participant
  2. email of the new participant
  3. phone number of new participant in the format +23480xxxxxxxx
  4. password
  5. The e-mail of the referrer: This is very important. It determines the upline of the new participant.
  1. Scroll down and Type the code seenmmm3
  2. Check the box to consent to the warning
  3. click register and you are good to go!
  4. mmm4

After a successful Registration of the new participant, Login to the PO(personal office) which has just been created through: and set up the PO.

How to Set Up the PO

Login to your PO and Add your bank detail:mmm6

Adding your bank details:

Click the Account Menu at the menu bar: mmm8

13. Click the add and fill the Name, the Beneviciary name should be same as it is in your bank account, Fill the bank Name and the account number. Note: for Bitcoin account: Type BTC in the  the Bitcoin account name; Paste your Bitcoin wallet address in the account number.

14. Click save and ok. You are good to go! Now  click the dashboard  and you can Provide help.mmm7


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