Nigerian Police will soon Be Collecting Bitcoin As a means of paying Fines in Lagos


“Police is your friend”.  Is this saying really true?  Please read my experience with the mobile police (RRS) on the Ojota Bridge connecting the 3rd mainland bridge yesterday 2nd October 2016.

On my way to the office on Sunday 2nd October 2016, I was coming from LASPOTECH along Odongiyan, Ikorodu axis. If you are familiar with this route, you will know that this route had gone so bad that two or more vehicles break down on daily basis. I successfully passed the road without any forms of break down in spite of the ups and down, potholes, heavy duty carriers’ threat on the road. While approaching Ketu, I noticed some strange sound each time I climbed a bump. I couldn’t stop because I don’t want police or Lastma “wahala” due to the busy nature of Ketu, so I continued.

On climbing the Ojota bridge, the sound became noticed. So I decided to pack along the bridge near MKO Abiola garden where people going to VI, Obalende normally stays to board vehicle. My intention was to check my vehicle to know what’s really wrong. As I parked, a lot of commuters going to VI rush down to my car, as I was about to come down of the vehicle to check it. The mobile police on patrol cross-marked my vehicle, two officers came down of their patrol car. One instructed the other to enter my car and follow them. I asked: “what’s my offence?” he replied “Parking on the bridge is a big offence and the fine is N50,000” what? I exclaimed! At first, I thought it was a joke. So I explained to the officer in my car that my car had an issue, and i stopped to check. He replied; your offence na 50k, you are not to park on the bridge. Meanwhile, I was already getting late for work. I followed them. He started interrogating me: where are you going? Where are you coming from? and what state are you from? I answered his question appropriately. I kept on telling him my car doesn’t sound this way, something is wrong with it. He offered to assist saying “pay 20k, I go help you beg my Oga”. I was already under pressure from the office, several calls had entered, I could no longer pick my calls as i don’t want to lose my job in this ongoing economic recession in the country. I told the officer, that I came out with N10,000 and I needed to fuel the car, I showed him the fuel gauge on the dashboard, already on reserve. So I entered the Mobil gas station to re-fill with 4k. While we continued moving he said they are taking me to the lastma office and I should know what that implies: “you will be given a ticket and that can only be paid on Tuesday as there is public holiday” he said. So he asked me to pay 10k. I told him I just bought fuel and don’t have any money on me I can only afford parting with 5k. He called the other police in the vehicle leading me that I begged with 5k. They parked and came to me that if I don’t pay 10k, ticket will be issued and re-emphazised that you know there is public holiday. Now, I know it’s not a joke: I kept begging with 5k. He collected the 5k and kept asking for balance as we continue moving towards Ogudu.

What baffled me most was when He said, am ready to help you: I go tell my Oga make him allow you use your ATM card when we reach Ogudu! I replied softly, officer “my ATM card no dey here” but I get some bitcoin!  I didn’t know when I said Bitcoin because, I just want to be free and get down to the office. Wetin be Bitcoin? I explained to him! You be yahoo-yahoo! No! I further explained in detail what bitcoin is.  He honestly showed a sense of remorse and he said I should go and beg his oga once we reach Ogudu.

On reaching Ogudu, the oga came down and said he never complete in money? He replied, make we leave am sir, e no get money: The oga said “we go give am ticket”.  Then at this junction, I couldn’t beg again .I was so furious and told him that am ready to go to anywhere. That I need the ticket right now so that I can show them at my place of work, that I was arrested for parking in order to check fault in my car.

The officer in my car, came down to meet his oga and entered their patrol car and drove away: I was just perplexed, I couldn’t drive, I was just looking at them going. I zoomed off to meet them, so that I can take a shot of the plate number. Lo and behold! There was no plate number at the rear of their car: they slow down and I was moving beside them trying to store their image in my memory. They too were just staring at me.

I zoomed off while approaching Iyana-oworonshoki. I could no longer check the car: office on my mind! I got to the office to realize that my Silencer was badly damaged with one part almost touching the floor and that explained why the strange sound came up when I climb a bump! I got it temporarily fixed at work. What a sad experience! Alas! Police might start receiving Bitcoin for payment of offence!


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