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Richmond Berks positions itself as a company dealing with the attraction of investments in the market of auctioned real estates. The company operates on US territory but has many representations and trades in almost every corner of the world.

Auctions are the most profitable tool when working on the real estate market. Company brokers purchase profitable real estates and re-sell them on the secondary market, hence generating 70% of pure profit.

The company has a lot to brag about: Blockchain technologies, AI, and RichShare. Money transfers can be completed through a broad variety of payment platforms, including bitcoin.

Next, we will discuss everything in more detail.

Blockchain, AI, RichShare

The company mentions these words on almost every page of its websites and is genuinely proud of having so much functionality.

Blockchain is certainly what anyone working with cryptocurrencies wants as it guarantees security. This is praiseworthy; not every company can boast about this benefit.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a neural network that carries out a real-time analysis of the real estate market, calculates the prognosis of the future supply and demand, and self-educates, while all the choices are made by the broker (company).

RichShare is a program that allows everyone to become a shareholder in real estate auctions with a minimum entry threshold. The program uses BlockChain technologies which makes all the transactions made within the company secure.

The only way to stay ahead of competitors is to stop trying to be ahead. The company has created a “blue ocean” in the conservative real estate auction markets, which allows it to stop looking back at competitors. Their plans are ambitious:

Alternative Currency

The company’s main currency is the Richmond Berks Dollar (RBD), but there is also the Richmond Berks Bonus (RBB). Instead of floating uselessly on your account it brings you profit, just as the main currency. However, the percentage leaves much to be desired; you receive only 0.005% from the existing funds every day.

One can earn this currency in many ways; some are offered by the company itself and are relatively easily to acquire, while others require more effort. For example, you can receive 10 RBB when your recruit makes an investment. This is only a bonus, since your main reward for your recruit’s investment are real RBD, growing at a rate of 1.4% per day.

Investment Conditions

There is only one deposit rate and the conditions are as follows: the interest rate is floating, starting from 1% per day and higher (it is currently 1.4%), as is stated on the company website, and the rate of interest depends on the company’s capitalisation level. The investment has no expiration date, meaning that your income is guaranteed for life – this is what clients find attractive. Not every company offers such conditions.

Partner Program

The company also offers a partner program and with appealing conditions. The 3-level system offers you rates of 10%, 5% and 3% depending on the partner level. There is also a great functionale of returning to partners who have not yet made an investment – a so called “Red Envelope”. A useful bonus.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Unstable interest rate
  • Weak interest rate through alternative currency


  • Termless investments
  • Cryptocurrency accepted
  • Secure transactions
  • Good partner program
  • “Smart” system


Richmond Berks is a serious company that offers you a chance to earn a good income. Even though bitcoins are growing stably, its growth can be accelerated by sensible investments. So if you want to earn a good income, don’t hesitate to create and open an account on the company website.

Richmond Berks – Large auctions. Huge profit.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored story.

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