How to become a Peerplays “Witness”





Who votes for Witnesses?

The job of Peerplays witness is a paid position, but there aren’t any job interviews or resumes. Instead, to become a witness you need to convince the Peerplays community (PPY token holders) to vote for you.

The Peerplays core wallet makes it easy for PPY holders to vote for witnesses. Anyone who holds PPY can do this by adding the name of the witness to the voting tab. The wallet then sends the information about their votes directly to the Peerplays blockchain. Every few hours, the Peerplays blockchain tallies all the votes from all PPY token holders, and if you are elected as a witness then the blockchain will pay you in PPY tokens for every block that you validate.


When does the job begin?

PPY token holders can begin voting for witnesses immediately after the Peerplays blockchain launches on May 30, 2017. 


Are there job growth opportunities?

In Q4 of 2017, the Peerplays blockchain will begin hosting the world’s first decentralized sports betting platform, which is called Bookie. If you are a Peerplays witness at that time you will also be required to manage and settle the hundreds of Sports-betting markets available to users.

The job of Peerplays witness is expected to become a full-time position by 2018, with increases in pay to support the greater workload.


Where can I find out more?

First, you will need to connect with others and make yourself known. Peerplays Telegram is a good place to start.

To qualify for the job, you will also need strong technical skills and some experience in cryptocurrency networks and software systems would definitely help. To learn how to set up a Witness and a block producing node, click here.


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